Harri Mäki


Clarinetist Harri Mäki is the Professor of Woodwinds in the Sibelius Academy of the University of Arts in Helsinki, Finland. He is also an accomplished soloist and chamber musician and has performed with many orchestras and chamber ensembles. He has also appeared on over 50 CD recordings as the principal clarinetist of the Tapiola Sinfonietta from 1988-2018.

“…Mäki tells a story through his clarinet. His beautiful sound blends into colors, melodies, rhythmic exchanges with the orchestra, and silences….” Bela Bianca
"...the very strong and immediate impact that the astonishing timbral beauty extracted by the Finnish virtuoso Harri Mäki which his boxwood instrument only reinforced..."
Alfredo Brotons
“ Bubbling fast runs, beautifully built clarinet episodes, spiritual and serene pacing, sovereign management in the strength and colour of the sound- there you have the material for an almost perfect interpretation. “ Vakka-Suomen Sanomat
"Mäki is a musician of god’s grace…The man is a musician seldom seen, with a technical and interpretational capacity that is not one bit behind the world’s elite." Mats Liljeroos
"Harri Mäki as it's soloist was in top form and could fill Brahms's last composition with a full spectrum of unbelievably internalised aesthetics."
Seppo Kallio
“ Tapiola Sinfonietta’s clarinetist Harri Mäki … is a wonderful musician, who never leaves a half-hearted effort behind. His realisation of the solo part was musical, spontaneous, and sentimental: in every way communicative and in every way enjoyable.” Mats Liljeroos
“..He is an unique link in the chain that allows Finland to be called the land of clarinetists…" Jukka Isopuro
“Clarinetist Harri Mäki made an impression with his great musicality. He can get a warm soft sound from his instrument. It is limpidly round and sensual. When his technical skills come forward, the end result is extremely enjoyable.” Jari Pitkänen
“ Tapiola Sinfonietta’s clarinet virtuoso Harri Mäki made the two movements of Mozart’s clarinet quintet the highlight of the concert. His playing had joyously bubbling musicality and noble beauty…” Hannu-Ilari Lampila
“ Harri Mäki, a member of the clarinetist elite, can engage your attention with shortest of passages. In Sibelius’ First Symphony he took the stage with his improvisatory beginning solo.” Jukka Isopuro
“ Harri Mäki’s technical virtuosity, a broad spectrum of tonal colours and clear delivery of the musical form, did not only inspire me but evidently also the other players.” Jukka Lind
The rondo movement was a celebration of virtuosity, but the best part was that the virtuosity was not on the forefront, and Mäki made the wildest passages clearly defined music. “ Mari Koppinen

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