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Harri Mäki studied the clarinet mainly with Reijo Koskinen in Finland. Having graduated from the class of Thomas Friedli at the Geneva Conservatory, he joined the Tapiola Sinfonietta. He also studied privately with Charles Neidich and Osmo Vänskä. He has premiered dozens of works, including clarinet concertos written for him by Juhani Nuorvala and Kirmo Lintinen. He is the Professor of Woodwinds at the Sibelius Academy and the Artistic Director of the Crusell Music Festival. Harri Mäki has appeared as a soloist and a chamber musician in European countries, in the Far East, and in North and South America. In 2012, he received the Pro Musica award for his merits as a performer and a teacher.



Concert calendar:

18.9. Frank Martin: Concerto for 7 wind instruments. Tapiola Sinfonietta/Venzago

5.10. Teaching in Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

7.-15.10. Teaching in Cleveland Institute of Music

1.11. Kauniainen Music Festival: Music by Lutoslavski, Lindberg, Fagerlund, Rivera. With Janne Rättyä and Alexander Gebert.

6.11. Music of Robert Schumann with Sasha Melnikov (Tapiola Sinfonietta)

27.11. Brahms Serenades. Tapiola Sinfonietta and Mario Venzago

4.-6.12. Teaching in Oslo

11.-12.12. Teaching in Kuopio


5.2.-7.2. Teaching in Jyväskylä University of Applied Science

13.2.-20.2. Teaching and performing in Winter International Art Festival in Sochi, Russia

19.2-21.2. Teaching in ESMUC, Barcelona.

22.2.-24.2. Bamberg (Seggelke studio)

15.4. Poulenc Sextett with Sasha Melnikov in Tapiola

6.5. Entrance exams of the Sibelius Academy

7.5. Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival concert series: Brahms Clarinet Quintet in Kuusamo

9.5. Kuhmo Festival in Helsinki: Brahms Clarinet Quintet in Villa Gyllenberg

12.5.-15.5. Teaching and playing in Beijing, China with Avanti!

1.7.-7.7. Prague Clarinet Days

7.7.-10.7. Godella Chamber Music Festival, Spain

23.7.-30.7. Crusell Music Festival, Uusikaupunki (Finland)

15.8.-22.8. Teaching and performing in Arnsberg, Germany

19.10-23.10. Teaching in Kazan and Yekaterinenburg, Russia

1.11.-8.11. The 8th International Clarinet Competition of the Moscow Conservatory


3.-6.2. Teaching in Badajoz , Spain

17.-19.2. Teaching in Zürich Musikhochschule

20.-26.2. Sochi Winter Art Festival: Woodwind Academy with Adriana Ferreira, Washington Barella and Andrea Zucco etc.

10.-12.3. Teaching in Jaen, Spain

15.-18.3. Jury of the Juvenalia Chamber Music Competition

1.4. Chamber music in Manors in Kaisankoti Manor and Spa. Music by Jaakko Kuusisto and Jukka Tiensuu etc.

19.4. Uusikaupunki 400 years Celebration. B.H. Crusell Quartet in E flat with Eriikka Maalismaa, Pisku Ristiluoma and Mikko Ivars

21.-23.4. Lodz Music Academy, Poland

22.-29.7. Crusell Music Festival, Uusikaupunki “Dear Neighbours”

7.-9.8. Pärnu Music Festival Clarinet Course

13.-21.8. ISA Internationale Sommerakademie der mdw (Payerbach) with Andrea Lieberknecht, Christian Wetzel, Francois Benda, Carlo Colombo, Dag Jensen, Hatto Beyerle etc.

12.9.-17.9. Aeolus Competition, Düsseldorf with Emily Beynon etc.

25.10-26.10. Teaching in Yekaterinburg, Russia

28.10-29.10. Teaching in Perm, Russia

30.10.-1.11. Teaching in Kazan, Tatarstan

8.11. Mozart Piano Quintet with Paavali Jumppanen in the House of Nobility, Helsinki

20.11. Brahms clarinet quintet in Kino Tapiola with Laura Vikman , Markus Hohti etc.

13.11-14.11. Teaching in Musikene, San Sebastian

15.11.-16.11. Teaching in ESMUC, Barcelona

17.11.-18.11. Teaching in Liceu di Barcelona

20.12. Concert in Camerata (Musiikkitalo) “Romantics and Neoromantics” with Irina Zahharenkova and Senja Rummukainen


19.2.-25.2. Sochi Winter Art Festival

25.8.-1.9. Jacques Lancelot Competition in Yokosuka, Japan



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