Inspir­ing and world renown teacher of wind-play­ing fun­da­men­tals is vis­it­ing Sibelius Acad­e­my on 16th an17th of March. He will give two exten­sive lec­tures: on Sat­ur­day 16th about wind play­ing fun­da­men­tals and Sun­day 17th about prac­tic­ing.

Sat­ur­day lec­ture is geared more towards wind play­ers, Sun­day lec­ture is rec­om­mend­ed to all musi­cians. If you have signed up for a pri­vate ses­sion, you are required to par­tic­i­pate that whole day. How­ev­er, it is rec­om­mend­ed that you lis­ten as much as you can on both days!

The sched­ule:

16.3. Sat­ur­day: Room NK55 in Ner­van­derinkatu build­ing

10.00 Lec­ture on wind play­ing fun­da­men­tals

11.30 Ques­tions and answers.

12.00 Bence Bubreg, clar­inet

12.30 Julia Junt­ti­la, bas­soon

13.00 Break for lunch

14.00 Ukko Pietilä, oboe

14.30 Heli Vaalamo, flute

15.00 Agnese Skrasti­na, clar­inet

15.30 Erle Kont, clar­inet

16.00 Alz­be­ta Bal­do­va, clar­inet

16.30 wrap-up, dis­cus­sion

17.00 The end of day 1

17.3. Sun­day also in NK55

10.00 Lec­ture on prac­tic­ing

11.30 Ques­tions and answers.

12.00 Mikko Mart­ti­la, tuba or bass trom­bone

12.30 Samuel Phua, sax­o­phone

13.00 Break for lunch

13.30 Roosa Lam­pela, trom­bone

14.00 Eivind Grontvedt, eupho­ni­um

14.30 Lau­re Paris, clar­inet

15.00 Julia Rima, clar­inet

15.30 Ernes­ta Svel­nyte, trum­pet

16.00 Athi­na Drakoka­nis, French horn

16.30 wrap-up, dis­cus­sion

There are some video­clips on Youtube on Kristian’s work and his two books are avail­able on Ama­zon. Check them out!