Harri Mäki



Har­ri Mäki stud­ied the clar­inet main­ly with Kari Kri­ikku and Rei­jo Kosk­i­nen in Fin­land. Hav­ing grad­u­at­ed from the class of Thomas Friedli at the Gene­va Con­ser­va­to­ry, he joined the Tapi­o­la Sin­foni­et­ta. He also stud­ied pri­vate­ly with Charles Nei­dich and Osmo Vän­skä. He has pre­miered dozens of works, includ­ing clar­inet con­cer­tos writ­ten for him by Juhani Nuor­vala and Kir­mo Lin­ti­nen. He is the Pro­fes­sor of Wood­winds at the Sibelius Acad­e­my and was the Solo Clar­inet of Tapi­o­la Sin­foni­et­ta from 1988–2018. Har­ri Mäki has appeared as a soloist and a cham­ber musi­cian in Euro­pean coun­tries, in the Far East, and in North and South Amer­i­ca. He has a high­ly suc­cess­ful clar­inet stu­dents in his class. Many of his stu­dents in his teach­ing stu­dio at the Sibelius Acad­e­my in Helsin­ki, Fin­land have suc­ceed­ed in both orches­tral audi­tions and com­pe­ti­tions around the world. In 2012, he received the Pro Musi­ca award for his mer­its as a per­former and a teacher.


Concert calendar:

18.9. Frank Mar­tin: Con­cer­to for 7 wind instru­ments. Tapi­o­la Sinfonietta/Venzago

5.10. Teach­ing in Cincin­nati Col­lege-Con­ser­va­to­ry of Music

7.–15.10. Teach­ing in Cleve­land Insti­tute of Music

1.11. Kau­ni­ainen Music Fes­ti­val: Music by Lutoslavs­ki, Lind­berg, Fager­lund, Rivera. With Janne Rät­tyä and Alexan­der Gebert.

6.11. Music of Robert Schu­mann with Sasha Mel­nikov (Tapi­o­la Sin­foni­et­ta)

27.11. Brahms Ser­e­nades. Tapi­o­la Sin­foni­et­ta and Mario Ven­za­go

4.–6.12. Teach­ing in Oslo

11.–12.12. Teach­ing in Kuo­pio


5.2.–7.2. Teach­ing at Jyväskylä Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sci­ence

13.2.–20.2. Teach­ing and per­form­ing in Win­ter Inter­na­tion­al Art Fes­ti­val in Sochi, Rus­sia

19.2–21.2. Teach­ing in ESMUC, Barcelona.

22.2.–24.2. Bam­berg (Seggelke stu­dio)

15.4. Poulenc Sex­tett with Sasha Mel­nikov in Tapi­o­la

6.5. Entrance exams of the Sibelius Acad­e­my

7.5. Kuh­mo Cham­ber Music Fes­ti­val con­cert series: Brahms Clar­inet Quin­tet in Kuusamo

9.5. Kuh­mo Fes­ti­val in Helsin­ki: Brahms Clar­inet Quin­tet in Vil­la Gyl­len­berg

12.5.–15.5. Teach­ing and play­ing in Bei­jing, Chi­na with Avan­ti!

1.7.–7.7. Prague Clar­inet Days

7.7.–10.7. Godel­la Cham­ber Music Fes­ti­val, Spain

23.7.–30.7. Crusell Music Fes­ti­val, Uusikaupun­ki (Fin­land)

15.8.–22.8. Teach­ing and per­form­ing in Arns­berg, Ger­many

19.10–23.10. Teach­ing in Kazan and Yeka­ter­in­burg, Rus­sia

1.11.–8.11. The 8th Inter­na­tion­al Clar­inet Com­pe­ti­tion of the Moscow Con­ser­va­to­ry


3.–6.2. Teach­ing in Bada­joz , Spain

17.–19.2. Teach­ing in Zürich Musikhochschule

20.–26.2. Sochi Win­ter Art Fes­ti­val: Wood­wind Acad­e­my with Adri­ana Fer­reira, Wash­ing­ton Barel­la and Andrea Zuc­co etc.

10.–12.3. Teach­ing in Jaen, Spain

15.–18.3. Jury of the Juve­na­lia Cham­ber Music Com­pe­ti­tion

1.4. Cham­ber music in Manors in Kaisankoti Manor and Spa. Music by Jaakko Kuu­sis­to and Juk­ka Tien­suu etc.

19.4. Uusikaupun­ki 400 years Cel­e­bra­tion. B.H. Crusell Quar­tet in E flat with Eri­ik­ka Maal­is­maa, Pisku Ris­tilu­o­ma and Mikko Ivars

21.–23.4. Lodz Music Acad­e­my, Poland

22.–29.7. Crusell Music Fes­ti­val, Uusikaupun­ki “Dear Neigh­bours”

7.–9.8. Pär­nu Music Fes­ti­val Clar­inet Course

13.–21.8. ISA Inter­na­tionale Som­mer­akademie der mdw (Payer­bach) with Andrea Lieberknecht, Chris­t­ian Wet­zel, Fran­cois Ben­da, Car­lo Colom­bo, Dag Jensen, Hat­to Bey­er­le etc.

12.9.–17.9. Aeo­lus Com­pe­ti­tion, Düs­sel­dorf with Emi­ly Beynon etc.

25.10–26.10. Teach­ing in Yeka­ter­in­burg, Rus­sia

28.10–29.10. Teach­ing in Perm, Rus­sia

30.10.–1.11. Teach­ing in Kazan, Tatarstan

8.11. Mozart Piano Quin­tet with Paavali Jump­pa­nen in the House of Nobil­i­ty, Helsin­ki

20.11. Brahms clar­inet quin­tet in Kino Tapi­o­la with Lau­ra Vikman , Markus Hohti etc.

13.11–14.11. Teach­ing in Musikene, San Sebas­t­ian

15.11.–16.11. Teach­ing in ESMUC, Barcelona

17.11.–18.11. Teach­ing in Liceu di Barcelona

20.12. Con­cert in Cam­er­a­ta (Musi­ikki­ta­lo) “Roman­tics and Neoro­man­tics” with Iri­na Zah­harenko­va and Sen­ja Rum­mukainen


12.1.–14.1. Teach­ing in Brno

27.–28.1. Copen­hagen KLANG fes­ti­val with Avan­ti!

19.2.–25.2. Sochi Win­ter Art Fes­ti­val

14.3. Accordeon in SibA for 40 years jubilee con­cert

15.3. Mas­ter­class Helsin­ki Wind Fes­ti­val

5.4. Oslo NMH

13.–15.4. Cham­ber music week­end in Kallio-Kuninkala

22.4. Cham­ber music in Manors: Rav­el, Bach

2.5. Mas­ter­class in Yaroslavl

3.5. Richard Strauss Duett-Con­certi­no with Moscow Soloists in Yaroslavl Inter­na­tion­al Music Fes­ti­val. Yuri Bash­met cond. Car­lo Colom­bo, bas­soon

5.5. Oslo NMH

13.5. Clas­sic in Hiet­su: Recital with Emil Holm­ström, piano: Brahms, Puumala, Schu­mann

17.–24.6. Hort­en Cham­ber Music Fes­ti­val, Nor­way: Mozart, Schu­bert, Nielsen etc.

30.6.–7.7. Prague Clar­inet Days w. Irvin Venys, Michel Lethiec etc.

25.8.–5.9. Jacques Lancelot Com­pe­ti­tion in Yoko­su­ka, Japan

31.8. Jury Recital with Michael Collins etc.

5.9. Jacques Lancelot Com­pe­ti­tion: San­to­ry Hall-Win­ners Gala Con­cert with Han Kim etc.

6.9. teach­ing in Seoul, Korea

13.–15.10. Urjala Fes­ti­val: Mes­si­aen, Mozart, Brahms

16.11. Mes­si­aen Quar­tet in Temp­peli­aukio Church, Helsin­ki w. Kozlovsky, Vikman, Gar­cia-Nunez

26.–27.11. Record­ing in Bre­men: Fager­lund, Hill­borg

28.–29.11. Teach­ing in Riga, Latvia


1.–3.2. Mas­ter­class in Fram­näs, Swe­den

17.3. Gold­berg Vari­a­tions in Sel­l­os­ali

28.–29.3. Satakun­nan puupuhallinta­pah­tu­ma, Pori. F. Mendelssohn Konz­ert­stücke jne. Mikko-Pekka Svala, Han­na Juu­ti­lainen etc.

15.–17.4. Teach­ing and per­form­ing in Ros­tock HfM: Mozart, Mendelssohn

18.4. Teach­ing in Berlin UDK

23.–26.5. Stauf­fen Klar­inet­tent­age

27.5. Teach­ing in Freiburg HfM

1.–8.6. Sibelius Sum­mer Acad­e­my: Fager­lund, Hill­borg, Debussy

27.6.–3.7. Crusell Music Fes­ti­val: Schu­bert, Berio, Schu­mann

18.–25.8. isa Payer­bach (Wien UDK) with Colom­bo, Capez­za­li etc.

20.–24.9. Lap­land Cham­ber Music Fes­ti­val

24.–29.9. Janacek Com­pe­ti­tion, Brno

15.–17.11. Luzern MHS

22.–24.11. Fram­näs clar­inet course

29.11.–1.12. Zürich MHS

13.–17.12. Ros­tock MHS


3.–6.2. Berlin UDK

24.–26.2. Ljubl­jana clar­inet fes­ti­val

7.–15.5. Prague Spring

3.–12.7. Nurmes Sum­mer Acad­e­my: Brahms Quin­tet etc.

24.–27.7. Lap­land URSA con­cert

7.–15.8. Katakiryu­sawa Fes­ti­val, Japan

1.–5.9. Prague Clar­inet Days

22.–30.8. Ros­tock Sum­mer Acad­e­my

9.–13.9. Lap­land Cham­ber Music Fes­ti­val

18.9. Fran­caix Dix­tuor etc. in Tapi­o­la

19.–21.10 Joen­suu Recital and mas­ter class

25.–28.11. Krakow?


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